A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur with Brian Cox as the Narrator A L’ORAGE Production Created by Tyler A. Chase

Poster design by Elizabeth Page Walker –  Photograph by Robert Cadena


Poster by Elizabeth Wood Ramirez


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A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur

Completed January 2019

With Narration by: Brian Cox 

With music by Composer/Musicians: Cody Geil, Mike Mermin, Shannon Kerner and Emmy Award Winner, Michal Towber

A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur is shot over a period of eight years. It is the true story of the iconic building called the Broken Angel and it’s creators, Arthur and Cynthia Wood.  The elderly couple fight for their home of twenty seven years against insurmountable odds (preemptive forced eviction.) Their story is as magical as it is heart wrenching as these artists defend a symbol of the bohemian artistic culture that once permeated New York City. The Fairy Tale is over.

Music from the upcoming film, A Castle in Brooklyn, King ArthurAll Fall Down© by Mike Mermin from the album, Back to Eden

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