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We appreciate your continued support and donations through our Fiscal Sponsor, Fractured Atlas. It helps to pay for research, development, production and post production of films that otherwise would not be made. Our Award Winning films like, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur and Sweet Soul in Exile have screened internationally from New York to Europe to Africa and we are about to reach distribution agreements so that the work can continue to be seen and we have you to thank for it.

This page gives you an update on our present projects that are at the completion gate and in the works. The two projects that need your attention are: The documentary and film series, tentatively called, Always Here (Development and Production) and the post production and completion of Blues for 475 Kent, log line – Something is deeply wrong in Brooklyn… Selected as a Hot Film in the Making 2022 through the Dean Grant Fund by From the Heart Productions. From the Heart Productions says: Hot Films in the Making are films that we highly support. They have excellent concepts and brilliant filmmakers. WEBSITE



Recalling of the Elders by Hoyá degay hus Tonawanda Seneca

“Under the crust of that portion of Earth called the United States of America —”from California . . . to the Gulf Stream waters”—are interred the bones,villages, fields and sacred objects of American Indians. They cry out for their stories to be heard through their descendants who carry the memories of how the country was founded and how it came to be as it is today.”  – ― Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.”

We are in development and production of our feature documentary (and series) with the working title, Always Here. Native Americans have lived on this continent for thousands of years and yet they struggle to reclaim their history and artifacts and are denied their sacred sites. We focus our lens on the widespread cultural genocide and erasure of Native Americans through decades of systematic destruction of ancient historical, sacred and cultural sites throughout the United States and Canada.

With the support of Native American cultural advisors from many tribes our intention is to investigate little known events and discover the inherent causes and solutions of the political, institutional and personal prejudices that continue to contribute to ongoing travesties on our continent. We have great people willing to work with us, including top rate special effects teams and we welcome editor, Craig Parks who helped us with our feature film, A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur. Please help us reach our $500,000 target to get to the next stage.


We are at times involved in activism as we make, ALWAYS HERE
A 10,000 year old archeological site threatened. It’s destruction supported by Massachusetts Historical Committee

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