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L’ORAGE sUAS Drone Imagery

FAA Certified Part 107 Commercial Drone Cinematography

L’ORAGE sUAS Drone services has been involved in independent films including The Fifth Borough (2017), Sweet Soul in Exile (2018), A Castle in Brooklyn – King Arthur (2019), Morning Mourning (2020). ‘

Our small team consists of a Part 107 certified commercial sUAS drone pilot and qualified visual observers. The FAA certified sUAS pilot has a background in filmmaking and cinematography. We can provide you with beautiful aerial footage to enhance the production quality of any independent movie/music video or art project.

L’ORAGE sUAS Aerial Drone Demos

Because you are breaking the law if you don’t. Did you know that you cannot use footage made from a drone for any commercial purpose unless it is created by an FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot with an FAA
registered drone?
Drones and the accessories are expensive and require upkeep. Hiring an experienced Part 107 certified Drone Pilot/Cinematographer is the efficient and professional way to complete your project with the least stress and cost..
Even with the new technology that drones have, a background in filming, acquired knowledge of FAA rules and safety and flying skills are the best insurance against failure or accidents.
* Our team consists of a licensed Part 107 certified Drone pilot and trained and experienced VO’s (visual observers).
* Verifly Insurance Certificate – Liability limits up to $10 million underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc.
* A DJI AIR 2S Thanks to the Air 2S’s 3-axis gimble, four remote antennae, and OcuSync 3.0 technology, you can receive a stable, live view from the drone up to 7.5 miles away. It’s a great production asset thanks to the gimbal’s 1″ CMOS sensor and 22mm wide-angle lens that’s capable of 20MP stills and up to 5.4K Ultra HD videos. As you fly, obstacle avoidance, geofencing, return-to-home, and DJI’s AirSense work to keep the Air 2S, bystanders, and other objects safe.
* A DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian kit that films in 4K, UHD, and 1080p 120 fps slow-motion video in D Log if preferred with 5 Batteries (at least a 130 minutes worth of filming)
* Additional backup Drone as well
* All drones are equipped with FAA part 107 compliant anti collision strobe lights for day and night missions.
* HDMI capability for viewing on monitor as we fly.
* Calibrated props to insure stability
* Our prices are reasonable and we apply for waivers if required. (Some areas require waivers that we will apply for as requested)
* You receive your footage either the same day (at a buyout higher rate) or not more than 3 days after the mission (editing is an additional charge)
* Passport and Enhanced Drivers license for International travel.
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